Overview of Soap Launchers

Economically De-Water Gas Wells!

Pro-Seal Lift Systems automatic Soap Stick Launcher is uniquely engineered to maximize sales production while increasing the operator’s efficiency. With an average ROI of only 60 days, it’s easy to see why our innovative product line is quickly becoming an industry standard for unattended well operation.


                                                                        Compact, lightweight, self contained design for safety and convenience.

                                                       Midnight Launcher Model 2           Model 9E                                Model 9P                     Model 18P


The Pro-Seal

Automatic Soap Stick Launcher

Provides Industry Leading Advantages!


Easy Installation.

  • The automatic Soap Stick Launcher and Controller arrives ready to deploy and can be installed by a single person. No Crane required!  Or, installation by one of our factory technicians is also available.

Maximize Production.

  • Dramatic increases in well production is achieved by dropping soap sticks at the optimum point in the flow regime for maximum performance of the surfactant. Many operators easily double well production.

Reduce Multiple Trips to a Well.

  • The programmable automatic Soap Stick Launcher reduces overall OPEX by dropping soap sticks at multiple intervals for 24/7 operations. Service more wells in less time!

Power Source Options.

  • When wellhead gas pressure is sufficient, install our pneumatic model. Otherwise our solar-powered model is specifically engineered for those locations without adequate supply gas.

User Friendly Controller.

  • Quickly and easily change the program drop cycle routine with the Controller’s simplistic, intuitive design. Plus, the Controller can also close and open a Motor Valve in the flow line as required.

Pro-Seal Lift Systems offers three configurations of our automatic Soap Stick Launcher models in order to best suit the requirements of your well:


Model 9P & 18P


              Pneumatic/Supply Gas Soap Stick Launcher

Our most popular model also operates a Motor Valve

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   Model 9E & 18E


                                                    Solar Powered Soap Stick Launcher                                               

Our High Capacity model

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   Midnight 1 & 2


                                                     Solar Powered Soap Stick Launcher                                                  

Lowest Cost model

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  Model 9EE & 18EE


Solar Powered Soap Stick Launcher

Low Cost model

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